Tutorial: T-Shirt Shredded Scarf Necklace

Shredded Scarf Necklace
And now, for the finale of 1 T-shirt, 3 Projects…A shredded rocker scarf necklace type thingy!

This one was a bit of a cheat since the inspiration has been sitting on my hard drive for years. I went to a party where a friend of mine was wearing a necklace made out of strips of jersey woven with beads and I loved it so much I made her turn around while I snapped pictures of it from every side. And then I stuck the photos in my inspiration folder and left them alone for ages. So even though this whole exercise was to force me to experiment, I couldn’t resist sneaking in one project I’ve been wanting for the finished product.

Shredded Scarf Tutorial Step 1
After a turban and a bracelet, here’s what I’m left with of the T-shirt that started it all.

Shredded Scarf Tutorial Step 2
I cut what was left of the T-shirt into a rectangle by cutting off the collar and sleeves, and then cutting the rectangle into 1/2″ strips.

Shredded Scarf Tutorial Step 3
Knot each of those strips together until you’re left with a super long skinny T-shirt string.

Shredded Scarf Tutorial Step 4

Loop this string into a circle like you’re putting away an extension cord, making the loop as big as you want the necklace to be. Wrap the ends around the loop a few times to hold it together, then tie the ends together in a knot.

Shredded Scarf Tutorial Step 5
My friend’s necklace that inspired this had chunky beads strung throughout the necklace, but I wanted to try for more of a rocker vibe than the earth goddess vibe she had going on, so I pulled out a string of rhinestones and used Fabri-Tac to glue them on.

Shredded Scarf Tutorial Step 6
Let those rhinestones get nice and dry and then hold up the necklace and look at it from all kinds of different angles to make sure you got enough on. I think it looks best with loads of them.

Shredded Scarf Closeup
Now I just need a great leather jacket to wear this with.