SNAP! Conference

Me and Marie from MakeandTakes
Back from another blogging conference, and with each one I feel older and older. My feet are killing me, my knees and hips are so sore I have to brace myself each time I stand up, and I am going to need a week to catch up on sleep, but it is all worth it twice over. The conference this time was SNAP!, a conference for creative bloggers, and after attending a whole bunch of these, I can say without hesitation that it was totally the most fun.

CJane, Azucar, and Reese Dixon
Each conference has their own unique benefit and I’ve dedicated this year to trying a whole bunch and seeing which ones were worth my time and money. Some of them are really good for connecting with sponsors, some with connecting with other bloggers, some with getting inspired. Of course, with most other conferences there is an element of explaining what you do, who you are, why anyone should care. Even amidst the fun of conferences, it starts to feel like a long job interview.

Me and Kami from Nobiggie
Since SNAP focuses so closely on creative bloggers, I didn’t have to do a smidge of explaining. Even amongst bloggy types, explaining a craft or style blog sometimes confuses people. Here I could literally walk up to any group of people, plop myself down, make introductions, and be instant friends. And I did. Over and over again.

Lion Brand yarn cupcakes
Cupcakes sponsored by Lion Brand Yarns. Cutest things you’ve ever seen, right? You can expect an event thrown by and for creative bloggers to be done up in style and it absolutely was.

Me and Jen from tatertotsandjello
The conference culminated in my very favorite part of these events – the dance party. Seriously, a dance party with all your favorite internet friends, no drunk folks, no creepster guys, just a bunch of women away from their families and using the time to get silly. I stayed until they turned off the lights and my body has been yelling at me ever since. But I don’t care. Working on the internet is amazing and rewarding in so many ways, but it is also lonely. This was a chance to just revel with some colleagues and I didn’t want to miss a second.