Poor Gizmo

Sad Gizmo
Isn’t that just the saddest face? Poor guy. But he brought it on himself.

None of our cats have been neutered because they are all purebred and we hoped to breed them. I feel the need to add a responsibility disclaimer here and say that they never ever go outside and we always planned to neuter them after a couple of litters, but those litters never happened, so we just waited and waited and waited. Apparently our infertility has spread to the cats. Two girls, two different males, 1 stillborn little kitty. Have you ever heard of a CAT not being able to get pregnant? It so figures.

Our little girl cat Jem is now too old to give birth to her first litter without fear of complications, so we were planning on taking her to get spayed, but then Gizmo started acting like such a little jerk he bounced himself to the front of the line. Marking everything, bullying Jem, trying to attack stray kitties through the glass door, he completely wore out the charm of his in tact masculinity. Something had to be done.

I took him to the vet and even though he’s only ever gone once for shots, he still seemed to recognize something bad was going to happen. We carry our cats around on leashes instead of in carriers (the breeds we go for are cooperative enough to go for that) and trying to get out of the car and into the office was nearly impossible as I had this big fluffy cat velcroed to my leg. I finally just had to let him cling to me like a toddler throwing a tantrum as I crossed the street. We made quite a sight as the other drivers in the parking lot laughed at the living Garfield cartoon in front of them.

Gizmo came through like a champ of course, charming all the vet nurses in the office with his little orange nose and abundance of whiskers. After a couple days with the cone he settled down and is now suddenly a scaredy cat hiding under couches. Poor thing. Without all those manly hormones coursing through him he’s suddenly not such a big tough guy.