Announcing Foxy Like A Crafter!

I have been working diligently on this little project for nearly six months, and I’m so excited to finally break the secret and introduce you all to my latest big idea. With all the research I’ve been doing and education I’ve been giving myself over this last year of starting Project Put Together I have learned a ton. As I have shared I’ve gotten completely obsessed with fashion blogs, checking tons of them every morning for more inspiration and instruction. I love them so much to encourage me to think creatively, put thought into what I wear, and use getting dressed every day as another means of expression.

My big problem is that no matter how hard I searched, I really couldn’t find a blogger who was living my kind of life. I found a few style bloggers who were moms, but that didn’t seem to really factor into their work. Mostly I found adorable women in their 20’s with backgrounds in fashion, most who live in New York or environs, and were thin and young and could wear anything they wanted to because they were thin and young. And despite searching and searching I couldn’t find ANYBODY who was dealing with a large chest which is the single hardest thing I deal with in getting dressed every morning.

Side note: twitter might not be the best venue to ask people if they know of large breasted bloggers. Ask me how I know.

Foxy Like a Crafter is a daily style blog for women like me. Women who are no longer as thin and young as they used to be, who aren’t ready to slide into matron wear but don’t want to try to pull off teen queen either. Women whose lives will not allow impractical jewelry, skirts too short to bend in, and anything requiring drycleaning. Women who have responsibilities that do not include spending a fortune on a new wardrobe every season, but aren’t ready to completely let themselves go either. Women who don’t want to look like a frumpy mom, but still have to function like one.


Along with style posts sharing what I wear on a regular day, I’m also planning regular features sharing what I’ve learned to solve my dressing problems. How to Not Look Like A Mom will feature ideas for how to not look stereotypical and frumpy, despite the job you still have to do while looking cute. How to Dress Your Breasts will share my hard won tips for how to dress when you have large breasts. Craft the Look shares wearable projects I make and shows how I incorporate them into my look. And Foxy Crafters will share what all you other stylish crafters come up with. I’m hoping that loads of you will jump on board with me and show how creative and stylish us every day moms and crafters can be when we turn our powers to how we present ourselves to the world.

The hardest part about this whole thing has been taking the pictures. Modeling what I wear every day is so weird you guys. And I feel like such a phoney baloney goober when I do it, but how else am I going to share this stuff? I might look at a picture of me and pick apart all my flaws, but whenever I see another woman who is not flat all over doing it I’m so grateful to see a different way to look. So I’m putting my ego where my mouth is and being the change I want to see in the world and all that jazz.

I hope you’ll join me over there, and apply the same creativity we use to solve every other problem in our lives, to address how we treat ourselves.