Superbowl Showdown Giveaway

Football with the boys
Football is a second religion in our house. It was a major force in Bear’s life as he played from 8 years old through college. Despite his best efforts, I have not exactly become a fan, but I am a supportive enough spouse to plan some good times around his passion. And heaven knows I am always down to through a party.

This year we all have the opportunity to have American Express sponsor that good time. My friends at AmEx approached me to participate with a bunch of other bloggers in having a Superbowl Showdown. Whoever gets the most retweets gets their Superbowl Party paid for. It’s probably a good thing I don’t know who the other bloggers are so I can keep my trash talking to myself.

So this is kind of a sweepstakes within a sweepstakes. If I get the most unique tweets, I get a party, and for retweeting, you could win

250 dollars!!!

Here’s what we have to do. American Express‘s Blue Every Day card offers 3% cash back on groceries every day. They want to know how much you’d save on your Super Bowl party using their card. If you tweet using the hashtag #bluecashmeifyoucan and my twitter handle @reesedixon, you’re entered!

Best news, you can enter more than once, each tweet just needs to be unique. So no copy/pasting. But other than that, go to town! The more you enter the better your odds, and the better my odds too.

If another blogger gets more tweets than me, I don’t get anything, but one of you guys will win the $250 prize no matter what! We’ve got from now until Friday at 12 noon eastern when the winner will be chosen.

We can do this team! Let’s get out there and TWEET!

*Contest open to US Residents only. This giveaway is sponsored by American Express, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. I only work with companies I use myself.