New Year, New Goals

My Family
I’m not such a big fan of year end wrap ups. That might be what happens when you have the ridiculously rocky road kind of life I do. When I sit down to think about everything that happened in 2011, it just makes me tired. On paper, life is tough. And the big events don’t reflect all the beautiful things along the way. So I’m keeping my eyes firmly forward for now.

I didn’t do too great on my crafty goal list this year, so I’ll be rolling over a lot of projects, and as always, I have more new ideas that I could ever fit in a year, but this list lets me sleep at night without the ideas tormenting me. So here are all my goals for this year, and probably a few to come.

Home Projects

  • Embroider teatowels for the kitchen
  • Fine art beaded project
  • Build a headboard
  • Embroider pillows for bedroom
  • Monogram handtowels
  • Bathmat
  • Sew placemats
  • Crosstitch for dining room
  • Cloth Napkins
  • Table Runner
  • Create a jewelry organizer
  • Organizer Atti’s toys
  • Finish all the WIP’s
  • Create a new themed tree

Personal Projects

  • Blanket Cape
  • Alter clothes
  • Knit Skirt idea
  • Knit Cowl idea
  • Knit Hat idea
  • Knit Jewelry idea
  • Use up bead stash
  • Sew clothes from fabric stash
  • Scrapbook Atti’s first year
  • Knit myself a sweater
  • Finish embroidered cuff
  • Finish waterproof beach bag

Long Term Projects

  • Launch new blog project
  • Write first draft of the book in my head
  • Put together craft book proposals

With all the madness of December, I was looking forward to taking a little creative downtime, but I seem to just not be wired that way. As soon as I finished the last Christmas project, my mind was already whirring with possibilities. My work is never done.