Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast Burrito
I have become such a Californian. Once upon a time I would get sick of burritos for every meal, but now, that’s like saying I get sick of *food* every meal. Latin food has such an endless variety of options, but what really blew open my closed mind was discovering the miraculous sausage Chorizo. It’s salty and spicy and always gives me heartburn, but it is a burn that is so worth it. And grounded with the potatoes, it provides a little kick to all my breakfast favorites, folded up in a convenient portable container.

Breakfast Burritos
sour cream

Start by dicing the potatoes and tossing them in a pot of salted boiling water. When tender, drain.

Remove the chorizo from it’s sausage casing, crumble it into a pan and cook. When I’m making these for my family I just crack a couple of eggs right into the cooking sausage. The oil from the meat lubricates and flavors the eggs and the whole thing is incredibly delicious. If I was cooking this for a breakfast buffet for guests, I’d cook everything separately.

Pile the potatoes, chorizo, eggs and toppings of your choice in the middle of a warmed flour tortilla, fold, and eat.

I always overstuff my burritos and end up eating them with a knife and fork, but that’s OK by me since it means I get another chance to layer on the sour cream and salsa.