Star Banner Ornament

Star Banner Ornament
Nothing I do is complete without a bit of text, and there’s so much good text to choose from in the nativity story. I wanted to make an ornament that incorporated some of the rejoicing in the scriptures. I think the finished ornament is something that anybody could use, with whatever words they rejoice over.

Star Banner Tutorial Step 1
These paper mache star ornaments came from Michaels, but they probably have something similar at your favorite craft store. I didn’t want to try to cover the edges with paper, so I gave them a quick coat of blue paint.

Star Banner Tutorial Step 2
Coat one side of the ornament with mod podge and stick it to the wrong side of a great piece of scrapbook paper. Typically you decoupage both sides of the paper to keep it from bubbling, but I didn’t want a decoupaged look to the ornament, so I just let the ornament dry under something heavy so the paper would stay flat.

Star Banner Tutorial Step 3
When dry, trim the paper flush with the sides of the ornament, and repeat this process for the back side.

Star Banner Tutorial Step 4
Cover those raw edges with a thin line of glue, and then sprinkle glitter over the top. Shake off the excess.

Star Banner Tutorial Step 5
Print your word out on cardstock and trim it down. Cut notches in the ends to make it look more like a banner.

Star Banner Tutorial Step 6
Glitter the edges just like you did to the ornament.

Star Banner Tutorial Step 7
To give the banner some dimension and make it look like it’s unfurling, put two dots of hot glue at the beginning and end of the word, then stick it to the star ornament while pushing the ends together.

I love the look of this ornament so much, I think I’ll end up using this idea again in different ways. I can already see a home for these on my family traditions tree with our family name on the banner. This could also be a really simple and fun gift to personalize for teachers or neighbors. Basically, anywhere you want to include a few words but do it in a way that sings.