Nativity Themed Tree Skirt

Tree Skirt
We did it again you guys. Another year, another themed tree stuffed with ornaments of every shape and size. There’s only a couple of days before Christmas, and there’s only a couple more things to show you. First of all, the tree skirt. In years past I’ve put this part off. For some reason cutting a good circle just infuriates me, so it’s not something I’m eager to do. But since I use cheap artificial trees, a tree skirt is a necessity to not give away my game. It’s time to ovary up and be a woman already.

Tree Skirt Tutorial Step 1
Cut two large circles out of a piece of natural colored linen. I buy four yards of fabric, fold it in half and then cut my circle right to the edges to create two pieces roughly 44″ in diameter. Cut a smaller circle in the middle, and a slit in one side to make an opening.

Tree Skirt Tutorial Step 2
Lay pieces of ribbon around the top layer of the tree skirt and pin thoroughly in place.

Tree Skirt Tutorial Step 3
Take the skirt to the sewing machine and sew the ribbon on, right next to the edge. If your ribbon is thick like mine, it will overlap at the top. Pull back the ribbon as necessary to sew the ribbon in place.

Tree Skirt Tutorial Step 4
Then pin it back in place and sew through all the layers of ribbon.

Tree Skirt Tutorial Step 5
Give your tree skirt a good ironing (although be careful not to melt your ribbon) and pin the two layers together to hold everything in place. Sew bias tape around the edges for a finished look.

Nativity Tree Skirt
The beauty in this tree to me is the contrast I’ve gone back to over and over again. Luxury meets simplicity, gold meets hay, wise men and shepherds, ornate and humble. I used the same fancy ribbon I used in these wise men inspired ornaments to tie the tree skirt in with the tree, but also to offer the high end contrast to the clean and simple linen. A navy satin bias binding grounds the skirt and ties the whole story together.