My Holiday Shopping with American Express

Atti and a present

In record breaking time, I am done with my Christmas shopping. Everybody is getting awesome gifts, and I saved a bunch of money thanks to American Express and the Membership Rewards points I used.

And now it’s time to share the wealth. The winner.

Of a $250 gift card.


Drumroll please…….

Going to be revealed after this break.

Bah dump bum. Kssh.

And the winner as picked by random number drawing is!

Deanna G

for her comment posting the link on facebook!

Congratulations Deanna, and if you don’t hear from me today, drop me a line.

I hope you have as much fun spending that money as I did. Speaking of, wanna see what I did with it? The selection of gifts to choose from the Membership Rewards program was so good I could have found something for everybody on my list there. But since American Express is also all about supporting small businesses, I got to spread the love around.

For my gadget loving Brother-in-Law: a Kodak Easyshare Digital Picture Frame

For my Father-in-law whose television never seems to be loud enough for him: Sony Wireless Headphones

For a far away friend with beautiful children whose tastes I’ve lost track of: An Old Navy Gift Card

For my adorable niece: yarn and fabric for some homemade frilly clothes (I had to have at least one present that was handmade, after all)

For my fashionplate Sister-in-law: A necklace from Laney’s jewelry shop

And for me: Another necklace from Laney’s jewelry shop

What? I didn’t buy myself a Christmas present! It was Santa!

Luckily none of those people read my blog, so my secrets are safe unless one of you dear friends blabs on me. So mums the word.

Oh dear, I seem to be a little punchy after a couple of crazy sleep deprived days (I’ll get to that later), so I am off for some desperately needed rest. Many many many thanks to everyone who participated, spread the word, or just read along for giving me this opportunity and making my own Christmas such a breeze. If I could I’d send you all Holiday cards and homemade hot cocoa.

Disclaimer: This post, the giveaway, and my holiday shopping were sponsored by American Express. All words, selections, photos, and opinions are my own and are never for sale. I only work with companies I’d spend my own money on, and I have been using American Express for over a decade. They’re great.