Glass Decoupage Ornament

Glass Decoupage Ornament
Last year I was seeing these flattened glass ornaments all over the place. Pottery Barn had a bunch of these and the ones I loved most were themed around the 12 days of Christmas. When I saw the flattened ornaments at Michael’s this year, I knew I could make something that highlighted a beautiful vintage picture of the nativity.

Glass Decoupage Ornament Tutorial Step 1
You’ll first need an image to decoupage. If you find some really great printed tissue paper or napkins, you can use those. Otherwise, you can find a royalty free image online and print it onto tissue paper. But of course tissue paper won’t go through your printer on its own, so start by ironing a piece of freezer paper to the tissue paper, gently.

Glass Decoupage Ornament Tutorial Step 2
Then cut the paper to the size that will fit through your printer, probably 8 1/2 x 11, and print as many images as you need.

Glass Decoupage Ornament Tutorial Step 3
Trim your image to the finished size – it’s way way easier to cut while it’s attached to the freezer paper – and then delicately peel the tissue paper from the freezer paper. It’s a good idea to print a few extras, because the tissue tears soooo easily.

Glass Decoupage Ornament Tutorial Step 4
Use your favorite decoupage medium – mod podge, artist sealer, whatever – and brush it over the image, right side down onto the glass ornament.

Glass Decoupage Ornament Tutorial Step 5
Allow that layer to dry, then paint a solid color over it. If you don’t want the color to show through your image, paint a couple of layers of white first, then follow up with a couple of layers of gold or silver or whatever color you want the back of your ornament to be.

Glass Decoupage Ornament Tutorial Step 6
I made my image much smaller than the back of the ornament, because I wanted to create a frame for it. You can stop painting wherever you like, but I brought the gold around to the front, right up to where you could see the ends of the image.

Glass Decoupage Ornament Tutorial Step 7
I ran a thin bead of glue around the edge of my frame and covered it with glitter for a more finished look. The glitter likes to stick to the paint, so make sure you let it dry thoroughly before you glitter, then just brush the excess glitter off with a dry paintbrush.

I made a bunch more of these for my 12 days of Christmas tree and they are charming. I had a dickens of a time trying to photograph through the glass, but in person these ornaments are really special. They look vintage and antiqued, so any kind of a victorian Christmas image would look amazing this way.