Frosted Mother and Child Ornament

Frosted Mother and Child Ornament
I love the silhouette trend that has been all over the internet the last few years, so I thought I’d include a version of that on my tree, highlighting the special relationship between a mother and child, and also use it as an opportunity to use the great mirror ornaments for a little more sparkle.

This silhouette is actually of me and Atti. It was much easier for me to take a picture of us and then trace it with the pen tool in Photoshop then it would have been to draw one from scratch. I love how his little button nose comes through so well. And, don’t tell, but I used the magic of Photoshop to give myself a little bit of a chin tuck.

Frosted Ornament Tutorial Step 1
Print out the handy pattern I’ve made for you, and use it to cut a piece of sticky backed shelf paper.

Frosted Ornament Tutorial Step 2
Adhere the new pattern you’ve made to a mirror ornament. Press down and burnish thoroughly to get rid of any air bubbles and get a really firm seal around the edges.

Frosted Ornament Tutorial Step 3
Cover the ornament with a frosting medium, and let it sit for as long as the package directs. Clean up well, again, as the package instructs you to.

Frosted Ornament Tutorial Step 4
For a little extra touch of fancy, I glued the backs of the ornaments to a piece of gold handmade paper, and then tore the edges when it was totally dry.

Frosted Ornament Pattern
To use my pattern, just click on the image above and download the picture in its original size.

If you know how to use photoshop, you can use this technique to make frosted silhouettes of anyone in the world. Even without photoshop, I bet you could just take a good profile picture and cut a pattern out of the shelf paper straight from a printout. Your tree could be filled with a symbol of Mary and baby Jesus, or your family members. Imagine how great it would be to have a tree full of your children’s silhouettes as the grow up from year to year.