Every Day Eyeliner

I’m participating in BlogHer’s Life Well Lived series, and this week’s question is:
What do you think is the hardest makeup trick to master and what are your tips for achieving it?

Eyeliner and brushes

For years I had the hardest time applying eyeliner without putting on so much I looked like an angry rock star. Using a pencil I just seemed to draw harsh lines around my eyes that only ended up making them look smaller. Now I use a gel eyeliner and an angled eyeliner brush. The brush makes all the difference in the world, allowing me to get a feathery line instead of a harsh one, and making it easy to apply just a touch of liner under my lashes for a casual every day look.


Step 1

I picked this technique up a million years ago when I appeared on QVC. The makeup artists there taught me a great, everyday, look that still defines my eyes. First, line the top of your eyes as normal. You can see in this closeup that you can still see a thin line of peach through my lashes and liner, which makes my lashes look thin. Just putting on more eyeliner would start to look like too much for a morning running errands, so the answer is to put the eyeliner somewhere else.


Step 2

I use the angled brush to line the waterline. “The waterline” is a term I’d only heard from makeup artists, it was totally new to me, but it refers to the thin line of eyelid in between your lashes and eyeball. With a small brush you can get in there without fear of stabbing your eye with a pencil.


Step 4

You don’t need to use a lot, you just need a little tint so that your lash color blends in better than against your skin tone, which in my case is quite a contrast. A small swipe on the top and bottom waterline will make your lashes look twice as full, but without the heaviness that may look a bit much when you’re dropping your kids off at school.



The only makeup I’m wearing in this picture is eyeliner. Not even a swipe of mascara. That’s how big a difference a little eyeliner on the waterline can make.

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