Popcorn Extravaganza

Popcorn with ham and swiss

When I went down to San Diego in July with Bear, we got one beautiful meal out on the town. The rest was tied up in work meetings for him and whining about the heat for me. We lucked into Currant, and I ordered three different appetizers and stuffed myself silly. Everything was wonderful, but it was the “Popcorn of the Moment” that made me have a total epiphany. I ordered it because it sounded whimsical and fun, I ate every bite of it because it was incredible. The day we went, the selection was popcorn with ham and gruyere. I couldn’t believe I’d never seen this before. It was like a whole new take on a ham and swiss sandwhich, but easy and fun and absolutely delicious. Through the whole rest of the dinner we kept talking about what else we’d like to put in our popcorn. Bacon and blue cheese, turkey and provolone, carne asada with lime and cilantro.

Popcorn with swiss and pastrami

I raided the fridge as soon as we got home and we happened to have some swiss and pastrami, so I chopped it all up and dumped it in. And that was dinner. I thought that stovetop popping would be best for this, but I’ve got a bit more to learn before I get that quite right. If you’re a stovetop pro, then I’d just toss in your meats and cheeses right before you take it off the heat. For me, I ended up using my trusty old airpopper, tossing with butter, the cheese and meat, and then putting it in the microwave for a couple of seconds to get the cheese nice and gooey. The possibilities with this are endless. And now on those nights, which come just about every night in the summertime, when I can’t bring myself to cook, I can have something easy and yummy to fill me up.