Curry Chicken Salad

Curry Chicken Salad Sandwich

Every time I go to Salt Lake, I manage to con somebody I love into eating at my favorite lunch spot, Gourmandise. Their pastries are legendary, their salad’s exquisite, and every single time I have to ask the waitress to come back a couple of times while I agonize over which of their sandwiches I’m going to choose.

I finally decided to try making a version of one of my favorites, their Curry Chicken Salad served on a croissant. It’s incredibly easy, but the curry makes it unique and special and something I can not stop eating.

Curry Chicken Salad
3 chicken breasts
herbs and bouillon
1 C celery, diced
1 C purple grapes, washed and cut in half
1 C mayo
2 tsp curry powder

4 croissants

Poach the chicken breasts by cooking in water flavored with whatever herbs you like or have handy, and some chicken broth or bouillon cubes. You don’t want this to boil. Cook it at a nice low temperature.

Shred or dice the chicken, and combine all the other ingredients. Stir thoroughly.

This is best served on the next day, but it’s great right away too. Mound it up on a lovely croissant, or any other kind of your favorite bread.

Now on my rare trips to Salt Lake City, I can save that precious choice for one of their sandwiches that’s so complicated I don’t want to make it at home. Like their Grownup Grilled Cheese sandwich with cream cheese and brie and sun dried tomatoes and grilled onions. Oh my gosh I need to go eat lunch.