Showing off the beads: Eye Loops

Red bead necklace
I loved these red faceted beads so much I really wanted to highlight them. But stringing them all by themselves didn’t seem very special, so I used this really simple technique that sets each bead apart to really shine.

Eye closeup
Each bead is threaded on to a wire, and then the wire is bent around to make a loop linking it to the next bead. It’s super easy, and eliminates the need for any other findings besides the clasp.

Chain and pendant necklace
Along with using it to make the whole necklace, you can also use this technique to incorporate beads and chain. Here I interrupted the chain with those silver beads by making loops on each end to link in place.

head pin closeup
I made the pendant in the same basic way, just using a head pin instead of wire. One end is flat so the bead can rest on it while the other end secures it to the necklace.

Simple chain necklace
I was watching TV while I was working on this, and I saw an actress wearing a necklace I really liked. So I made it right then. Just a few simple beads staggered out among a couple strands of chain. This is totally an “everyday” necklace that will be perfect with a T-shirt and a simple skirt.

Eye Loops Tutorial Step 1
Bend the wire so that a little more than 1/4″ is perpendicular to the rest.

Eye Loops Tutorial Step 2
Use your round nose pliers to bend that end around in a loop to meet the rest of the wire.

Eye Loops Tutorial Step 3
Link it onto whatever other piece you want to attach it to, and then close the loop by pressing the end up tight to the base.

Once you get this technique down, you can make just about 80% of the stuff you’d see in the cheap accessory stores. But you can use better looking stuff to do it.