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Zoo Day

Atti at the zoo

I finally managed to harass Bear enough to take a day off of work during the last week of Atti’s school break, so we decided to make a day of it and go to the zoo.


It was our first big expedition with the wheelchair, so as we were buying tickets to get in I asked the cashier about their disability access. He looked at Atti in his chair and said, “Oh! Hang on a second!” and rang us in over again. I never would have thought to ask, but we got a major discount! Atti’s ticket was cheaper, and I got in for almost nothing as a “caretaker” discount. Super A+ Sacramento Zoo!


My duties as caretaker mainly involved pushing the empty chair around while Bear carried Atti everywhere. In his chair he came right up to handrail level, so he was missing out on most of the sights. But with his dad he had a great time looking at the funny, smelly, birds.


But really, all he wanted to do was ride the carousel, which was of course not included in the entry fee. As soon as he saw it, he could not be dissuaded. He didn’t really want to listen to me trying to take a teaching moment to talk about waiting our turn. Instead he just wanted to yell at the people standing in front of us. But I suppose any communication is better than none, right?


Tresa’s Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Year

So for those of you not keeping track, along with the the regular old facts of my life – child with CP, chronic illness, infertility – this year I am living in a Roadrunner and Coyote cartoon. Dead cat, 3 month sickness including a hospital visit, failed adoption, plus a few behind the scenes things I haven’t been able to mention including a new medical diagnosis that I’m trying to deal with.

Then on Tuesday, catastrophic hard drive failure. My SECOND in three years. I must be sending out electric pulses or something. This one was our external hard drive, so the computer itself still functions, but it was some pretty epic data loss.

Since then I haven’t really gotten up from my computer. Losing stuff like this is a MAJOR anxiety trigger for me, completely bound up in how hard I work, my connection to the world, blah blah blah, I don’t think there’s anything that makes me freak out more than busted technology. I recognize that’s not logical, but neither is my anxiety.

Luckily, after the first hard drive failure, I started being pretty ridiculous about backing things up redundantly. So after a couple of days combing through the internet I was able to put things back together, mostly. I’ve lost all the pictures I didn’t blog between 2004 and 2007, but I’m pretty sure I blogged the best ones and that was pre-Atti, so we weren’t taking many pictures anyway. I can live with that. I’ve also lost my password to photoshop, but I found an open-source editing software called GIMP that I think will do everything I’d need to do anyway.

The music was the worst hit since that was the one area I wasn’t redundant at all. I’ve been re-uploading all my CD’s, re-downloading all my digital files, trying to remember what came from where. Stupid, time consuming, meaningless hassle that became so important to me in the middle of my panic. Bear and Atti spent the evenings playing together while I sat huddled over the keyboard like Smeagol.

The guy at Best Buy said that external hard drives usually only last three years. That seems like no time at all to me, and then I’d have to have a back up for my back up after year two. So this time I’m going to do online storage. I signed up at Dropbox and I’ve already used up my free space. If any of you want free online storage and sign up using this link, then I’ll get more free space to store my photos in. I’m really liking Dropbox, and I think this might be a good home networking solution. If everything goes in the box, then you can get to it from any computer.

So, crisis mostly recovered. But this does leave me pretty terrified considering that it’s only May.


2011 Year of Pleasures #18

Popcorn and Hot Tamales

Bear and I actually went out on a movie date and that means that I get the best treat in the world – hot tamales and popcorn. I pop one of the candies in my mouth and then shove in a whole handful of popcorn and then it’s like a sweet salty spicy treat all in one. I will eat this until I literally make myself sick.


A Boy and His Bike

Atti has all kinds of wheels now! We got this little bike for him at Christmas time, but we haven’t used it much. Then our OT helped us adapt the pedals to keep his feet strapped in and now Atti has a bike that’s secretly a therapy tool.

Bike riding with dad
It seems so important for every kid to have a bike, but the one’s that are adapted for kids with disabilities are crazy expensive. Like, you could get a car for the same money. We found this one at Costco of all places. We couldn’t believe our luck. Along with a whole bunch of safety harnesses, it also comes with that caretaker handle on the back so we can push Atti. And then best of all, as we push him the pedals go round and round and it teaches him how to move his legs.

Boy on his bike
It’s amazing how grown up he looks. My baby is totally a kid.