Apple Onion Slaw Pizza

Apple Onion Slaw Pizza

Last year in my big canning kick, I canned up a bunch of the Apple Onion slaw that I used to make this sandwich. I didn’t give canning instructions in that post, but it’s super simple. Just fill warm jars leaving around 1/4″ of headspace, adding water as necessary to remove any air bubbles, and process for 20 minutes. You might be able to process for less, but the heat doesn’t hurt it and I’m a little obsessed with safety.

Since I do all my meal planning using the Food Nanny method, that makes Friday night Pizza Night. We’ve changed up our meal planning now that we’re a couple of years in, and currently we’re doing….
Monday Night: Comfort Food
Tuesday Night: Fish and Meatless
Wednesday Night: Leftovers
Thursday Night: Try Something New
Friday Night: Ethnic Food
Saturday Night: Pizza or Grilling
Sunday Night: Company Food

I just couldn’t eat Pizza and Burgers every week, so we changed things up. But as Atti gets older, that might get changed back. This is what’s working for us now.

Anyway, all that to explain that since I was in a pizza eating rut, I’m forcing myself to get seriously creative, and I had all that yummy apple onion slaw in the pantry, so I decided to turn my sandwich into a pizza. That was a great idea.

On top of your favorite pizza dough, brush some olive oil and spread out some of the apple onion slaw. Scatter chunks of chevre goat cheese, cooked chicken pieces, and top with mozzarella cheese. Bake at 350 for 25 minutes or until your pizza dough is done. Then finish with a little drizzle of balsamic vinegar. This is a pizza I could eat every week.