Best of Modesto – Elegant Stitch

Elegant Stitch
This store was one of the hardest things about leaving Modesto, and one of the pure joys to come back to.

Elegant Stitch is one of the best independent needlework stores in the country. And it’s right in my backyard. Among crafters, the local specialty store (LNS if needlework is your passion, LSS if it’s scrapbooking, LQS if you’re a quilter, you get the idea) is the holy grail. The place where you can go for serious selection from smaller designers, specialty items, in depth knowledge and customer service from people who are as passionate as the subject as you are. It seems that everywhere I live I find myself getting really into whatever medium is reflected in the independent stores. My needlepoint really suffered during the San Diego years while my quilting took off. Now that I’m back I find my fingers itching to pick up a needle and thread and to play around with beautiful overdyed linen.

Elegant Stitch 1
On the day I came by to visit Elegant Stitch had just moved locations from a cozy storefront to a massive industrial space, and already they were hard at work transitioning the warehouse into a feast for the eyes and offering serious inspiration. Everywhere I look I find some other intricate little treasure I want to hold in my hand with awe.

Not only do they have rooms full of beautiful things to marvel at, but they also have rooms full of patterns to pour through, including an incredibly gorgeous floor to ceiling card catalog of patterns from popular designers. If Atti would let me, I could spend hours there.

Elegant Stitch 2
The customer service is wonderful. I swear there have been times when they lady helping me was just as excited about what I was making as I was, pulling out bolt after bolt of linen to pick out exactly the right shade to use.

And best of all, not only does this place have a couple of store cats, but the owner also brings her little doggies around. The last time I was there the doggies and Atti couldn’t get enough of each other as they licked his little toes and crawled into the stroller to snuggle. All while I dreamed of intricate little designs and all the beautiful things that could be made with them.