Seen elsewhere…

While I’m nursing my lack of crafting mojo, I thought I’d better do a roundup of some of the other things I’ve done around the web that popped up while I was busy playing with peppermint and gumdrops.

Patheos is a great website discussing religion, and I joined in with a bunch of friends and colleagues to wrestle with the question of Mormon feminism. If you’re not a Mormon it’s going to be a whole lot of inside baseball, but I think these intersections of progression and tradition are fascinating, so maybe you will to.

A Mormon Feminist Symposium

Of more direct interest to this crowd is a massive five hour podcast I did with my friend John Delin from Mormon Stories. Mormon Stories is a wonderful podcast that directly addresses some of the challenging aspects of religious practice, particularly our unique stripe of it. There is some very frank discussion of some things, like polygamy or the priesthood ban for black men, that many devout members prefer to not deal with. If that’s you, then some of these discussions may be challenging to listen to. I find incredible value in facing them, but my way is not the only way, so be advised.

During my interview we talk about my childhood, my testimony of crafting, feminism, working with the teenagers, why I stay a Mormon, and a whole host of other things. It’s a long conversation and if you listen to it you will know more about me than you ever wanted to.

Mormon Stories