Wire Candy Canes

Wire Candy Canes
In my brainstorming about candy canes, I of course came across the traditional idea of the pipe cleaner ornament. A staple of Christmas tree for years, I wanted to come up with something a little bit different, perhaps even a little less…fuzzy.

Wire Candy Cane, Step 1
So I wandered through the craft store and waited for creativity to hit me over the head. In the floral aisle I came across this raffia covered wire and thought it could be just the thing to evoke the simplicity and tradition of a pipe cleaner candy cane but done in a slightly more grown up version.

Wire Candy Cane, Step 2
I painted half of the wires white and half of them red. Make sure you get a really thorough coat because when you twist the wires together some of the raffia will unravel and reveal the underlying layers of brown.

Wire Candy Cane, Step 3
Twist a white and a red wire together. After a few trials and errors, I found the easiest way to do this to be to match up the middles and twist toward the ends.

Wire Candy Cane
The wires that I bought were long enough to make two candy canes, so I used wire cutters to cut them in half, and then bent one end to make the crook.

Wire Candy Cane
On my white tree they blend in enough to just give a pop of color in those few little bare spots. I think these are also easy enough, and cheap enough to be a really cute package decoration, or tied in the middle of a bow on a gift basket.