Visions of Sugarplums

This project is so simple I feel a little silly even posting it as a tutorial. But then I finally got around to reading this month’s Martha Stewart Living* and saw an article where she demonstrated how to make the same thing using real fruit. And heaven knows if it’s good enough for Martha it’s good enough for me.

*Really a must see this month. Her article on outdoor lights has me wanting to drop everything and create one of those extreme lighting houses you see on youtube.

Sugarplums, Step 1
I bought some cheap glass ornaments in a deep burgundy color. Pop off the top and cover with a layer of white glue. It works best if you work one side of the ornament at a time so you leave yourself something to hold on to.

Sugarplums, Step 2
While the glue is wet, sprinkle coarse white glitter over the top of it. A fine glitter will be pretty and sparkly, but a coarse glitter will look more like sugar. Sprinkle over a bowl or a folded piece of paper so you can save the excess glitter.

Sugarplums, Step 3
When the glue is dry, pop the ornament cap back on. Hot glue some leaves onto the top to emphasize that this little ornament is now a piece of fruit. I pulled these leaves off of a plant in the backyard, but if they don’t end up drying very well I’ll just replace them with some leaves off of a silk flower. But I hope they dry OK because I love the texture and that acid green color. It looks so fresh.

Along with being an easy project, and one that’s good for kids to help with, it’s also a great way to bring new life to ornaments that have seen better days. Some of the ornaments I used were pretty scratched up, but you’d never know that once that glitter covers it all up.