Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy Ornament
This is such a classic ornament that everybody has a version of it. Martha and BHG both put beads in between each fold, I saw a paper version floating around somewhere this year, I think even the long lamented Carol Duvall show featured a version. Mine keeps it as basic as possible.

Ribbon Candy Ornament, Step 1
I think the big secret in this ornament is the ribbon you pick. It needs to be wired, but also look like the candy. I scored this ribbon on a huge drum from Costco this year. You basically just need a ribbon with some stripes running down the whole length.

Cut a 24″ length of ribbon and fold it every 2″, going back and forth like an accordion.

Ribbon Candy Ornament, Step 2
Cut a length of fishing line to 24″ long and thread it through a sharp needle. Thread a bead all the way to the bottom of the fishing line, then bring the needle around and back through the bead. Pull tight. This will be a stopper to hold the fishing line in place and keep it from pulling all the way through.

Ribbon Candy Ornament, Step 3
Poke the needle through the center of your ribbon stack and pull all the way through. You may have to wrestle with it a little, so that’s why it’s good to use a sharp needle that’s as small as you can use on the fishing line.

Ribbon Candy Ornament, Step 4
Fluff out your layers, shaping the folds around your finger to get that nice round ribbon edge.

Ribbon Candy Ornament, Step 5
When you’ve got your ribbon as fluffed out as you want it, tie a knot in the fishing line snuggled right up next to the ribbon. Cut the remaining fishing line in half to get the needle off, then tie another knot to create your hanger.

Ribbon Candy Ornament
It’s a popular one for a reason. Quick, cheap, and so evocative of an old fashioned Christmas.