Lollipop Ornaments

Stuffed Lollipop Ornament

Stuffed Lollipop Ornament

I originally made this as an ornament for my Christmas Sweets tree, but if you know someone who loves play food this is also a pretty great toy.

Lollipop Ornament
When I was a kid and saw those giant lollipops in Willy Wonka, my eyes nearly bugged out of my head. It seemed like the height of decadance to have a lollipop as big as my face. Then we went on a family trip to Disneyland and I used up all my vacation money to buy one, only to get completely sick of eating it and stuck either missing out on rides while I ate this ridiculously big candy, or throw it away and waste my money. This is definitely one of those items that is better in theory. Or in this case, in fabric.

Lollipop Tutorial, Step 1
Cut a strip of fabric 2 1/2″ wide by the length of fabric off the bolt. Match the right sides together and sew into a tube.

Lollipop Tutorial, Step 2
Turn the tube right side out and lightly stuff. Be careful not to overstuff, you need the tubes to stay flexible. Tuck the ends in and glue shut.

Lollipop Tutorial, Step 3
Roll the tube up from one end, gluing as you go.

Lollipop Tutorial, Step 5
In the candy making aisle at any major craft store, you can find little cardboard sticks to use in making lollipops. I bought some of those and then cut a few inches off of one end to look as if the stick was actually all the way inside the lollipop. Cut a small hole right where the end of the coil is glued down, and glue the cardboard stick inside the hole.

Lollipop Tutorial, Step 6
Tuck the ends of a piece of ribbon in between the layers of lollipop, and glue in place.

This polkadot fabric I used has all the colors I was trying to bring in so it was a perfect discovery. But I think if you used something with a stripe, especially a large scale stripe, you could get a really trippy effect.