Iced Sugar Cookie Softie

Sugar Cookie Softie

Sugar Cookie Softie

I made this little sugar cookie as a Christmas ornament, but since then I’ve made it a whole bunch more times for all my little friends who love play food. Including me.

Iced Sugar Cookie Ornament
Sugar cookies are Bear’s very favorite treat in the whole world. Especially those kind you can sometimes find in vending machines or gas stations where the frosting is neon pink and the cookie is about an inch thick. Even now that he’s a baker and knows so much better, that technicolor sugar cookie stays with him like only a food you loved as a child can.

Iced Cookie, Step 1
Cut the pattern pieces out of wool felt, and use a zigzag stitch to sew the icing to one of the layers of cookie.

Iced Cookie, Step 2
Sew the two layers of cookie, right sides together, leaving an opening. Turn it right side out.

Iced Cookie, Step 3
Stuff the cookie lightly, so it looks puffy, not round. Cut a short length of ribbon and tuck the ends into the opening. Fold the edges of the felt towards the inside and glue shut. If you are super neat you could close this opening with stitches, but I prefer glue for Christmas ornaments because it’s so much faster and you won’t notice any shortcuts when it’s on the tree.

Iced Cookie, Step 4
Dot the icing with little drops of white glue and push a bead down to make a sprinkle. You could use all kinds of different colors for rainbow sprinkles, or even use buttons if you want a larger impact.

Iced Cookie Pattern
Getting the pattern is just the same as the last few days. Click on the picture, bring up all sizes, and download the original size. Although this one is so easy you really don’t need my pattern. Just make a circle whatever size you want, and then make a blobby shape to go on top.