Hot Cocoa Stuffed Ornament

Hot Cocoa Softie

Hot Cocoa Softie

I originally made this softie as a Christmas ornament, but I’m a huge sucker for play food and this is a pretty adorable addition to that collection.

Stuffed Hot Cocoa Ornament

My hot chocolate obsession is well documented in the pages of this blog, so this seemed like another no-brainer in the list of must-have Christmas treats, but it was one of the last things I got around to making. I am not a softie maker ordinarily, so this was a bit of a stretch for me. The plus side of that for you is that since it was beginner softie designed, it will be a beginner softie to make.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 1

From wool felt, cut one piece for the mug measuring 4″ by 8″. Cut another piece for the handle measuring 2″ x 4″. Match the right sides together and sew each piece into a tube.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 2
Cut out the rest of the pieces using the downloaded pattern. Fold the whipped cream piece in half and sew down from the point.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 3
Pin the cocoa circle into one end of your mug piece, and sew into place.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 4
Sew the two saucer circles together all the way around, then cut a hole in the center to turn it right side out. This hole will be covered when you glue the mug on top of it. I placed a little bit of glue inside the saucer to adhere the two layers together. That just looked a little more “saucer-like” to me.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 5
Now all your pieces are sewn together and it’s time to assemble. Turn the mug right side out and loosely stuff, stopping about an inch from the top. Cut that remaining inch into tabs.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 6
Glue those tabs down to create the bottom of the mug, overlapping them and pulling them taut to make as neat a bottom as you can.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 7
Glue your mug to your saucer.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 8
Turn the handle piece right side out and fold the edges towards the inside to hide them.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 9
Turn the whipped cream piece right side out and lightly stuff. Cut tabs into the bottom in the same way you did for the mug, just about 1/4″ and glue down towards the center.

Hot Cocoa Ornament - Step 10
Glue both ends of the handle onto the mug, pinning it in place as necessary while it dries. Glue the whipped cream blob on top, let the whole thing get good and dry, and it’s ready for hanging.

Hot Cocoa Pattern
To download the pattern, click on the picture to go to flickr. Then select “actions” and “view all sizes” above the picture and download the original size.

I was figuring this out as I went and ended up using a combination of white glue, fabric glue, and hot glue, so I don’t think there’s a wrong way to go. I could’ve used fabric glue for everything except I was trying to save a few pennies by using the cheap white glue, and the hot glue just made putting on the handle way easier. But I think you’ll get by just fine using whatever glue you like the best.

Stuffed Hot Cocoa Ornament

I toyed around with the idea of decorating the mug. I think a little hand embroidery or some rick rack around the rim could be adorable. I decided I had so much going on with the tree already that it didn’t need it, but I think I would experiment with that a little bit more if I was making these as stand alone gifts.