Glittered Candy

Glittered Candy
This is really a reprisal of an ornament that I originally made for last year’s whimsical halloween tree. It’s so simple, but effective, and you should all know by know that I’m never going to miss a chance to glitter something.

Glittered Candy, Step 1
This time I used a variety of different sized styrofoam balls, and I started by painting them all in colors that would match the glitter I planned on using. This might seem like an unnecessary step at first blush, but it will make it so that you don’t need to do more than one coat of glitter. That was a lesson I learned the hard way.

Glittered Candy, Step 2
Cover the ball with a layer of white glue, then roll in glitter. Let dry.

Glittered Candy, Step 3
This time I used plain clear cellophane because I found it more effective in showing off the glitter inside. For the large balls I used a rectangle of cellophane measuring 10″ x 11″. For the smaller balls use a rectangle measuring 8″ x 9″. Wrap the rectangle around the glittered ball and twist the ends closed. Tie fishing line around one end, then tie the other end of fishing line around the other end and leave enough slack to create a hanger.

These look best nestled right up next to a light. The light not only reflects off the glitter, but also off of the cellophane. It’s a little sparkle bomb among all the rest of the paper and fabric ornaments.