Fabric Wrapped Candies

Wrapped Sweets
When I was a kid being dragged along to the grocery store, my sisters and I would hightail it to the bulk candy section and beg for the different Brach’s candies available there. I still remember the specific way I had of eating the jelly nougats or the coconut Neapolitan coconuts, and I remember the colorful metallic wrappers of the Caramel Royals.

Wrapped Sweets, Step 1
To start, cut a piece of fabric to 7″ x 9″. I wanted to use a specific color green to blend with the rest of the tree, so I decided to take the green fabric I wanted and make it appear metallic. I rubbed the fabric with a clear ink pad and then poured a silver embossing powder over the top of it.

Shake off the excess (I ended up shaking off a whole bunch to show off the green better) and use a heat gun to melt the embossing powder into the fabric.

Wrapped Sweets, Step 2
Use a zig zag or overlock stitch to hem the short edges, then bring the long edges together and sew to make a tube. Turn right side out and stuff with pillow filling.

Wrapped Sweets, Step 3
Tie a piece of fishing line around one end, tight enough to cinch the wrapper closed.

Wrapped Sweets, Step 4
Bring the fishing line over to the other side and tie it around tight enough to cinch that end closed. Leave enough slack between the two sides to form the hanger.

This could be so great in some of those dual colored fabrics – you know the ones that look one color from one direction and another color from the other? What are those called? Michael Miller’s Fairy Frost line could be really great here too. You could skip the metallic part altogether and go with something really fun with polkadots. Or, since this is such a small project, you could just raid your scrap pile and have a whole tree full of scrappy candies in no time at all.