Chicken Caesar Bowl

Chicken Caesar Rice Bowl

I think sharing this “recipe” will give you a good insight into where my life has been lately.

It was a Thursday night, the week was seriously weighing on me, the grocery shopping and meal planning had been put off and put off until I found myself with chicken breast that had to be used THAT NIGHT, and all the vegetables I had planned on serving with it had gone bad. So I could either throw out the chicken breast and go grab take out, or I could go to the grocery store and spend the whole evening buying food until I was too tired and it was too late to do much with it.

Instead, I decided to experiment.

Bear tossed the chicken on the grill, I threw on a pot of rice, and I started ransacking the fridge. Not a single vegetable to be had, but I did have Parmesan cheese, and we always have our favorite caesar dressing on hand [side tip – for a nice quick lunch, caesar dressing is great on garbanzo beans]. Bear just ate his chicken and rice with bbq sauce and was happy as a clam, but I toasted up some croutons – one benefit of putting off the grocery shopping is that there’s stale bread on hand – poured some caesar dressing on top of the rice and chicken, and dumped on a big handful of cheese.

Then I took a deep breath and hoped it would be edible.

And it was better than edible, it was really really good. I’ll actually make this again. On purpose, even. If you start seeing chicken caesar bowls popping up on fast food menus, you just remember that I stumbled upon it first.