Getting press

Don’t worry, later this week I’ve got lots of crafty projects and Atti pictures, but as I’m decompressing and trying to get caught up from my big conference I had a couple of things I wrote go live so I thought I’d share them here. is a great site about religion, and this week they’re doing a series on the future of Mormonism. They asked me to write about the future of Mormon feminism. In the series, my article is listed right below Elder Quentin L. Cook, one of our apostles. That’s really heady company. Also check out the works written by my friends Kristine Haglund and Bridget Jack Jeffries. Big intimidating brains on those two.

Right on the heels of my big conference was a deadline for The Guardian. That Guardian. The only paper read more is the New York Times. It’s kind of a massive deal. Of course, just as I was writing the piece due the next morning, my computer gets completely overrun by the nastiest virus I have ever experienced, I turned into a hysterical screaming mess, and Bear took a personal day so that we could resolve the computer issue, take care of a baby, and meet the deadline because there was absolutely no way I could do that on my own. After buying three different anti-virus programs, doing a full system restore and then a visit with the single best Geek Squad god I’ve ever heard of, we made it back on track and in time.

The post is up today and so far the comments are pretty nice. I’ve only been called a Nazi once. Comments on a site that big are always ridiculous, but on the twin controversial topics of feminism and Mormonism, hoo boy. People have some things to say.