How to hang a row of pictures.

So I had this long narrow section of wall in between a window in the back door. But I also had a set of three wooden panels that used to sit in three wall cutouts in the last house, so that it seemed like a match made in heaven. Until I set about trying to hang them.

I suppose if you had a laser level or something, it wouldn’t be terribly complicated, but laser levels require you to put holes in your wall and/or have a second person around to help, not to mention that I don’t own a laser level, so that wasn’t a good solution for me.

Typically when you need to mark a straight line, particularly a vertical one, you use a chalk plumb. It looks like a tape measure, but when you pull it out it’s a string covered with chalk dust, and the weight of the housing pulls the string to level. Then the chalk marks that straight line where you need it. But I did not want to buy a chalk plumb to hang three stupid pictures.

So then I had the brilliant idea of using a roll of masking tape as if it was a plumb.

Picture Hanging technique

I started the tape up higher than I wanted the picture, in the middle of the space I had, and then being careful to not let the tape attach in any other place, I let the weight of the roll of tape make a vertical line. Then I just smoothed the tape straight to the wall being extra careful to not bend it out of shape.

Picture Hanging technique step 2

If your pictures need one hook, you can nail right through the center of the tape. I needed to use two hooks, so I measured out from the end of the tape, and then made sure it was level.

Pictures Hung
This was one of the first pictures I took in this new place, and my inexperience shows. The colors are all wonky, the lighting is horrible, and the shadows are making the panels look a little uneven when I obsess over it. But bad pictures notwithstanding, I was overjoyed to create this technique so that my OCD self can calm down about imperfect lines.