Presents for the Entourage

Fabric Covered Frames
Wednesday was our last day with Atti’s therapists and it was awful. These women have been my support system for the last two years. Atti’s OT has been seeing him since he was 4 months old. The ladies from HOPE have been seeing him since the day I brought him home. It was like saying goodbye to family.

I needed to come up with a present for them, and I just did not have the time to do something like the quilt I did for the last therapist we said goodbye to, so I was stumped for weeks. I thought it would be nice to give them a picture of Atticus, but I felt a little self conscious assuming that a picture of my *perfect child* would be a present to them.

But I did it anyway because I wanted to honor the relationship they’ve had to him. I wanted to recognize how important they’ve been in our lives. And a framed picture seems a little intimate – reflecting just how close to our hearts they are.

Michael’s carries 8 x 8 unfinished wooden frames, so I bought up a bunch of those and painted them a neutral cream color.

Fabric Covered Frame Step 1
I pulled out some fabrics from my stash and cut each piece 2 inches bigger than the frame on each side. Then I stapled two sides to the back of the frame.

Fabric Covered Frame Step 2
Fold the corners neatly and staple the other two sides to the back.

Fabric Covered Frame Step 3
Cut the center out of the fabric, leaving just enough fabric to cover the inside lip of the frame and glue in place with fabric glue. You’ll need to make a slit in each corner to get it to lay flat. Slit right up to the edge but be careful not to go past it.

Fabric Covered Frame Step 4
Add any additional decorations to the front. I stamped “You made a difference” onto grosgrain ribbon using a permanent ink and glued it to the front with fabric glue.

Fabric Covered Frame Step 5
Secure that ribbon to the back with more glue, and maybe even a staple.

Fabric Covered Frame Step 6
Cut a piece of flannel or fleece or felt or whatever – whatever you don’t have to hem – to 7″ square, and then cut a square out of the center 1 1/2″ in from each edge. Glue this to the back to cover up any mess and staples.

Despite my misgivings, these seemed to be a big hit. His OT told me she’s going to hang it up in her living room. I just don’t know how these therapists do it – pouring so much love and concern into these kids only to watch them grow up and go away and lose that connection. I just hope that they know how important they have been to the both of us.