Spring in San Diego

I finally got outside to do the garden maintenance I had been putting off, and once I pulled out all of the poppies that had sprouted from last year’s seeds, I found these little lettuce buds hiding underneath.

Surprise Lettuce
These will be a nice little treat to eat while I’m waiting for the rest of my garden to grow.

During that same excursion I got all my ranunculus bulbs back in the ground, and found a couple already sprouting. Either they didn’t sprout last year or I somehow missed them when I dug them all back up, but there were a couple already at work growing before I even got the others in the ground.

A couple weeks later and look what I’ve already got growing outside.
First Ranunculus

Spring in San Diego is just the most glorious time. My roses are blooming, the bees are buzzing, and Atti keeps crawling over to the sliding glass door and saying, “Outside? Outside?”

I think he’s got the right idea.