Beehive Headband

Bee Headband
Last year, when I was just in charge of the 16 – 18 year olds, I came up with this little headband to welcome the girls who turned 16 and entered my class. Now that I’m over everyone, I wanted to come up with something for every girl who advanced into a new class.

The girls who are 16 – 18 are called Laurels, so I made them a laurel wreath. The 14 – 15 year old girls are called Mia Maids (which doesn’t make a ton of sense because it refers back to an old program that doesn’t exist anymore) and their symbol is a rose. So I took one of my little organza flowers and hot glued it on a headband to crown them with roses. The 12-13 year old girls are called Beehives.

Beehives are right on that cusp where you can still get away with something pretty cute. Which is a good thing, because I could not come up with a way to make a beehive fashionable. Versions of this ribbon bee are floating around the internet all over the place, but here’s how I made mine.

Ribbon pieces
Start by cutting four pieces of 1/2″ wide ribbon. 2 yellow pieces measuring 4″ long and 3″ long, and 2 black pieces measuring 3 1/2″ and 2 1/2″.

Ribbon bee, step 1
Using either a needle and thread or glue, secure the ends together perpendicularly. Glue the right side of one end to the wrong end of the other, turning one side so the the ends make a square. This will make your ribbon form a loop. Do this with all four pieces.

Ribbon bee, step 2
Line all your loops up and glue or sew together. Take another piece of your black ribbon and wrap it around the tip of your loops to make a little bee head and cover up any seams. Glue or sew the ends of the black ribbon to the underside of the bee.

Ribbon bee, step 3
To make the wings, cut another piece of ribbon to 4″ long. I used a sheer cream ribbon, but anything white or cream will work. Mark the center of the ribbon, and bring the ends in to that middle point in the same way you made the loops for the body.

Ribbon bee, step 4
Glue the wings onto the top of the bee body.

Ribbon bee, step 5
Tie a little bow out of a coordinating ribbon, and hot glue it onto the headband. Hot glue the bee onto the bow.

My only problem with implementing this new tradition, is that all the girls who’ve already advanced in the classes want the headbands too. I may have assigned myself a whole lot more work than I meant to.