Velvet Leaves

Velvet Leaf Ornament

Years and years and years ago, inspired by the Carol Duvall show and all the embossed velvet projects she features, I made this garland consisting of a gazillion embossed velvet leaves I glued on to wire and braided together. When I brainstormed what would be on a woodland tree, I knew that I’d have to revisit this project.

* Oh look! Here it is. Complete with TERRIBLE pictures. Either I’ve gotten better at picture taking this year, or last year I was just LAZY!

Being a MUCH better crafter this year than I was ten years ago when I made that sad garland, the finished project looks WAY better this time.

Velvet Leaf Ornament Step 1
Cut two pieces for each leaf you want to make. I folded my fabric wrong sides together and cut them both out at the same time to get as close to an exact match as possible.

Velvet Leaf Ornament Step 2
Run a bead of hot glue down the center and place a length of floral wire into it. Watch those fingers!

Velvet Leaf Ornament Step 3
Run a little more hot glue around the edge of the leaf, and place the other leaf piece on top.

Velvet Leaf Ornament Step 4
To stop any shedding the velvet might want to do, and avoid dealing with hemming anything, and to add one more opportunity for my beloved glitter, I ran a line of fabric paint around the outside edge of the leaf. I know you probably hear fabric paint and shudder at the thought of puffy atrocities, but if you apply a thin coat then all you’ll see is the glitter and you’ll still solve all those other problems.

To put them on the tree, I grouped a few together and then twisted their wires around a tree branch. For a garland I just braided the wires together.

Velvet Leaf Pattern

There’s nothing special about my pattern, I just drew a bunch of leaf shapes so you could use whatever pattern you want, but I thought I’d share mine just to make things easy. Click on the picture to get to my flickr account, click on “All Sizes” at the top of the photo, and then download the original size.