Twiggy Stars

I still have so many ornament ideas that I’m going to have to post twice a day until Christmas, so I’m going to try and be brief. I don’t think it will surprise regular readers to hear I went overboard again. Go figure.

Twig Star Ornament

If you live someplace relatively rural, you could probably make a fabulous Woodland themed tree from what you found in your backyard. For us suburban or urban types, even finding stray branches can be a challenge.

Bark covered twine
I found this bark covered wire in the floral section of my craft store, right next to the wreath making supplies. I’ve never worked with it before, but now I can think of all kinds of things I want to make with it – including just wrapping it all the way around a wreath form.

Twig Star Tutorial Step 1
I didn’t measure anything, I just cut off a hunk and started bending, so all measurements are pretty much educated guesses.

Cut off about 2 to 2 1/2 feet of wire. Make your first bend about 6 to 8 inches from one end.

Twig Star Tutorial Step 2
Open that bend to about a 45 degree angle, and bend again about 3 inches further up your wire.

Twig Star Tutorial Step 3
Bend again about 3 inches further, crossing the rest of the wire underneath the first side of the star’s leg, and then out through the center of the star to cross over the top of the other side.

Twig Star Tutorial Step 4
Bend again, going under the first wire it crosses, and over the next one, meeting the other end and forming the last leg of the star. Twist the wire together to close it off.

Twig Star Tutorial Step 5

Leave a gap big enough for a tree branch, and then twist the wires again to make the hanger. Cut off anything left over.

Twig Star Topper
I figured that since I was making stars, it would only be appropriate to make one big enough for the topper, too.

Twig Star Tutorial Topper
I made this the same way, except instead of that final twist, I cut one end off and twisted it around and out of my way, and then I took the rest of the wire and coiled it around so it could sit on that tippy top branch.