Ribbon Pinecone Ornament

Pinecone Ornament
This ornament is hardly new. I’m pretty confident it’s been around for generations, in fact. But it’s a standby for a reason. It’s just so pretty!

You will need:

1 medium styrofoam egg
3 yards of 1/2″ ribbon (including some different colors makes a really pretty contrast)
a whole mess of pins (the short little sequin pins work great)
white craft glue
thinner ribbon for the hanger

Pinecone Ornament Step 1

Cut all your ribbon into 1 inch lengths. The very bottom of the pinecone will be visible through the “leaves” (What are those pinecone parts called anyway? Ah! Google says they’re scales!)so we have to cover it by just pinning a piece of ribbon over the pointy end.

I found it worked best to dunk the pins in glue before sticking them into the styrofoam. The kind of foam these eggs come is fairly porous, which means the pins go in easily, but they can also work their way out. The glue fixes that problem.

Pinecone Ornament Step 2
Take one piece of ribbon at a time and fold the short ends up to meet one of the long ends. This should make a little point, and also make it so that all the raw edges are together on one side. Pin this onto the styrofoam, overlapping the bottom covering piece.

Pinecone Ornament Step 3
There’s no right way to do this – remember all that talk from yesterday about nature being messy – and a lot of people like it better when it’s not lined-up-with-a-ruler perfect. After a little bit of practice I found my own technique. You just want to use the scales to cover up the pins and raw edges of what came before it. I kind of positioned them so that the side points of each scale were touching, and then I’d take a half step up and to the right so that the bottom point of the next row would cover all that up. Oh goodness I’m so over-complicating things. Just pin the ribbon points on in a way that covers any messiness.

Pinecone Ornament Step 4
When you get to the very top, things get so tight that the ribbon triangles can be too big to work with. I just folded the edges under before pinning on the last couple of rows.

Pinecone Ornament Step 5
Keep pinning on leaves until you get the whole thing covered, and then pin on a couple more so that the remaining pins can be covered by the ribbon hanger.

Pinecone Ornament Step 6
Pin down one end of ribbon, loop it around and fold the other end under before pinning it in place.

Pinecone Ornament
This could be really pretty made out of all one color, but I love the contrast here just in using different styles of ribbon from the same color family.