500th post and year in review

2009 craft mosaic

I made a whole lot of stuff this year. I didn’t complete all my crafty goals, but I came close enough to feel pretty durn proud of myself. I’ve always had a tendency to overextend myself, I’ve gotten pretty used to it by now. Plus, I made a whole bunch of things that I didn’t exactly foresee last January. I really loved having a written list of things I wanted to accomplish. It satisfied the OCD in me to have any kind of a list, but it was also a way of quieting those crazy-making voices reminding me incessantly of the projects running through my head. I’ve got a whole new list just waiting to be written up for 2010.

And to satisfy all you adoptive internet Aunties….the year of Atti.
Atti's 2009
Looking through this mosaic, I can pinpoint the exact moment he went from baby to boy. Oh my sweet little lamb. How I have managed to avoid gobbling him up is just a mystery to me.

I feel like I should do something totally massive for my 500th post, but I don’t really have anything up my sleeve. I’m still lolling around in the blissful aftermath of the holidays. Long days lounging in my jammies and working on projects I don’t normally have time to devote to.

This year has been a big deal for me, full of all kinds of new opportunities and paths I see stretching out before me. It’s hard to really describe because there aren’t really concrete things I can point to, just a lot of good friends, supportive readers, and great experiences that made me realize the things I want to accomplish aren’t so insurmountable after all.

Happy New Year