Witch’s Broom

Witch's Broom
One of my favorite ways to get inspiration for holiday decorations is to shop around at all the cute stores, find something great but really expensive, and then go home and use it as a jumping off point to make something wonderful by hand. I saw these little mass produced witch brooms for sale for over $10 each, and I thought, “Pshaw. I could so make that.”

You will need:
Witch's Broom Tutorial Supplies
cardboard stick used for candy making. I got mine in the candy aisle at Michael’s and then painted it black with acrylic paint
Orange ribbon
Black ribbon
Green excelsior. Look for it near the baskets, or maybe in floral design. It’s the stuff normally used to line the container.
Hot glue gun

Witch's Broom Tutorial Step 1
Tear off a hunk of the excelsior. Spread hot glue all over the stick, adhere to the excelsior and then roll up, using more glue as you go. Watch your fingers, it’s easy to burn yourself during this step as the glue seeps through the nest of excelsior.

Witch's Broom Tutorial Step 2
Wrap orange ribbon around the excelsior and secure with hot glue.

Witch's Broom Tutorial Step 3
Tie a loop out of black ribbon, and stick to the back of the broom handle with a dot of hot glue.

Witch's Broom
You could leave the hanging loop off if you use this as a mantle decoration, or it would be great to decorate a package for any hostess gifts, or even as a hostess gift itself. But with the hanging loop you could use it as an ornament like I will, or just hang it anywhere you need a little something.