Witch Cameo Softie

I have to confess, I’m particularly proud of this one.

Witch Cameo Softie

When I first started brainstorming Halloween ornament ideas, and I got all confused with which direction I wanted to go, I loved the idea of a black and white Haunted Mansion kind of tree, and the whimsical idea, and for a brief moment I thought I was going to try to find a way to marry the two styles.

You can’t get too far into a Victorian style without hitting upon a cameo, but I thought that if I did monster silhouettes, it would bridge that gap between the Victorian and the whimsical. I loved the result, but I just couldn’t stop the ideas from flowing, so the rest is history.

Each piece is cut from felted wool and sewn together with a regular old whipstitch. A blanket stitch would look beautiful, but I always forget how to get that started, so I just kept it easy on myself.

Witch Cameo Softie in progress

Then it’s just a simple pillow construction. Two black circles right sides together, with a ribbon hanger sandwiched between them, raw edges in the seam allowance. Sewn with a 1/4″ seam allowance, leaving about 1″ open at the bottom for turning right side out, stuffed with a couple of layers of batting and then the hole’s sewn shut. Easy peasy.

I’ve decided to just give this pattern away to you guys as my little Halloween present. Just click here for the free pdf and stitch away.