Glittered Candy Ornaments

Halloween Candy Bowl

I initially had this idea for a Christmas tree, but it was an easy swap out for Halloween. This one will be a perfect fit for my kid friendly, colorful, whimsical tree, but I think a cauldron of these would be adorable on a table, or strung together as a garland somewhere.

It really couldn’t be much simpler. I used 1 1/2″ wooden balls and painted them in a base color that matched my glitter. Then I covered in glue and glitter. If you really didn’t want to deal with the mess you could skip the glitter step, but I never miss an opportunity for glitter.

Glittered Candy Ornament Step 1

Cut a piece of cellophane to 3″ x 6″. I found it available by the roll in the gift wrap section, but it also comes sold in a bag like tissue paper. I chose one that had a little opalescent sheen to it, because like I said, I don’t miss an opportunity for glitter. Wrap the cellophane around the ball and twist the edges, just like wrapping up a candy.

Glittered Candy Ornament Step 2

Tie a bow on one end, and then cut a piece of ribbon about a foot long. Tie a loop in one end to be the hanger, and then use the tails to tie a bow around the other end of the candy.

Glittered Candy Ornament Step 3

These make up really fast, especially in large batches, and are so cheap that I think they’d make great little festive trinkets for teachers or neighbors, or as little hostess gifts for whatever party you’re going to on the big day.

Glittered Candy Ornament