Atti’s Halloween costume

I was racking my brain trying to come up with an outfit for my little guy this year. He’s not obsessively into anything that would make planning a costume easy. I was in the middle of a phone call with my friend Sara, complaining about this very problem, when the perfect idea hit.

I’ve made no secret that we are ridiculous saps around here. I call Bear, Bear, friends and family have always called me Tree (even though it’s spelled funny, my name is actually pronounced TREE-sa, so that’s an easy one) and when we talked about a kid that was a little bit him, a little bit me, it was easy to see that it would have to be a Koala Bear – a little bear who lives in a tree. I know, I know. We’re disgusting.

Koala Bear Costume

It was a really easy costume to make, so let me walk you through it.

Koala Bear costume Step 1

Fold a piece of fun fur in half and cut it to the size of your kid. The fold makes up the shoulders, so I just laid Atti right on top and cut the other three sides. Then I cut out a notch for the neck, and cut the front of the vest up the middle.

Koala Bear costume Step 2

Refold the vest to lay right sides together, and sew up the sides, leaving a few inches open at the top to make arm holes.

Koala Bear costume Step 3

Cut another piece of fun fur for the hood. Long enough to touch shoulder to shoulder, and deep enough to cover the back of your child’s head.

Koala Bear costume Step 4

Fold to make right sides together, and sew the back closed. If you give the top a little big of a curve, it won’t look like a conehead.

Then just sew the hood to the neck of your vest. Line up the middle of the hood with the middle of the back of the vest, right sides together, pin in place, and sew it down. For Atti to cooperate with wearing it, I couldn’t let it choke him, so I just sewed the hood to the back and sides of the vest, and then cut any remaining hood off at an angle so it blended in. Fun fur is extremely forgiving, and once you hem it, it will look like everything you did was intentional.

Koala Bear costume Step 5
In this picture you can see just how imprecise I was. That’s the best part about Halloween costumes. It’s not like you’re going to be entering it into the fair or anything.

For the ears you’ll need to cut four little half circles. Sew the pairs together on the curve, leaving that flat part open.

Koala Bear costume Step 6
Cut a couple pieces of wire big enough to match the curve of the ears and stuff them inside. This will help the ears to stand up better instead of just flapping next to the head. Once the wire is inside, just sew those ears right down to the outside of the hood. I arranged them so that the round part was facing the front of the hood when I sewed them down. I think this way works best to get them up and out.

Koala Bear costume Step 7

The cutest part of a little fuzzy thing is the paws, so since I had plenty of fabric leftover, I thought I’d make a little pair of moccasins to go with the hoodie. I totally just scrapped this together, but hey, it worked. I cut four pieces of fur about 3/4″ bigger than an outline of Atti’s foot, and then I sewed the pairs together, right sides together, all the way around.

Koala Bear costume Step 8

With these little tribble looking guys, I cut a hole about the size of a quarter right where the foot slips into a shoe, then I turned them right side out. Cut a straight slit down from the hole to make enough room for the foot.

Koala Bear Halloween
When I laid Atti down on the fabric to start cutting out the pieces, he would not hold still long enough for me to do the job. He kept rolling over on his belly and rubbing his hands through the fur yelling, “Kitty! Kitty!” I think in his world, everything fuzzy must be a cat.

You can probably guess by the apples in my hair that I am supposed to be a tree he’s clinging to, and then Bear’s going to wear a big ugly Hawaiian shirt and carry the camera and call himself a tourist. We figure that we don’t have to put a ton of work into making us look cute when I’ll be carting this little sugar snack all over town.