Beach Paradise

So. Relaxed. Can’t do laundry.

Beach Bum

We were put up at this fancy hotel right on the beach. And bizarrely, I was the only spouse who came. Poor Bear and his colleagues got beautiful ocean views, but they were scheduled from sunup to sundown and didn’t even get their feet wet, so all these fancy hotel rooms just sat empty for two days. I meanwhile, got to walk down the hotel’s staircase and on to the sand where a beach attendant brought me a chair and umbrella.

Laguna Beach

I’m not really a sun worshiper, but I’m also not stupid. Who could resist this?

Beach Sunset

I spent most of the two days alone, but I was totally down for that. I did a lot of reading, a little shopping, and a whole lot of gallery walking. Laguna is like the art capitol of the West coast, and you can’t spit without hitting a canvas. There’s even art in the sidewalks and fences.
Art fence

I also ate like a pig. It was such a rare treat to be able to eat whatever I wanted without a single consideration for another person…I ended up taking all these pictures of my food as one of the best parts of the trip.

Me and Bear
Lousy picture I know, but I had about ten minutes of time with my guy, I didn’t get to be picky.

Atti had a party at Grandmas and now we’re both trying to return to real life. A lot easier said than done.