2009 Year of Pleasures #36

Laguna Beach

Today and tomorrow Bear is trapped in a big work conference in Laguna Beach where he has to sit in lectures and eat rubbery chicken while they all make stale nursing home jokes.

I, meanwhile, will be here. Or maybe poolside, or maybe just in my hotel room bed, reading an honest to goodness book.

Atti will get to spend a couple more days with Grandma and she promises him that she won’t feed him gross stuff like the hummus his mom tries to make him eat.

The past two weeks have been a couple hard ones. Multiple doctors visits, driving all over the county, a suddenly tantruming toddler, Bear at work until 7 or 8. When Bear reminded me that this was the week of the conference, and everything suddenly fell into place to free me up enough to get away, I broke down in tears.

One of my favorite people is studying in Laguna right now, so I might get to meet up with a beloved old friend, wander through galleries, sun myself on the beach…but I might just be too intoxicated with the quiet of an empty hotel room to ever bring myself to leave.

You guys? Two days! Alone! Can you even imagine the thrill?