2009 Year of Pleasures #33

Love Bump

This picture blows the lid off of any pretense I may have cultivated that I actually maintain basic levels of personal hygiene, but I just couldn’t resist. Three day unwashed hair or not.

Atti is such a fun and happy little guy, he’s the world’s easiest kid to entertain. Boop his nose and he’ll laugh for days. We’re always inventing one goofy game or another that we forget about by the next day, but this game seems to have staying power.

I tilt my head way back like I’m going to sneeze, and then as I bring it forward I say “Loooooooooooooooove…” and then he brings his head forward to meet mine as I say “Bump!” and then we both roll around with the giggles.

“Love Bump!” “Love Bump!” All I have to do now is say the words and he’ll still collapse with laughter. Plus, I think this is a good trick to have in my pocket when he gets so big he doesn’t want to cover my face in slobbery kisses.