Plate Wall

Plate Wall From the ground floor

I’ve finally managed to tackle another big job I’ve been putting off and get all these plates I’ve been collecting over the past year hung up along the staircase. Living with those brown paper circles was making me batty!

Plate Wall Full View

This was a big job because it really required a solid uninterrupted couple of hours work for each phase of the project. Which is why I got stalled at the paper template phase for over a month. It’s simple, but it does take some time. Especially if you do it on a staircase like I did. Staircases and ladders get complicated.

Plate Wall Bottom of Stairs

The plates are a collection I’ve put together by culling ebay and vintage shops looking for glass plates made in the 50’s and 60’s. It all started with those peach saucers. Bear’s mom Sally had a bowl she inherited from her mom in that same finish – peach lusterware. I’m a sucker for anything that’s iridescent or opalescent, and that lusterware has such a gorgeous rainbow shine on top of the peach. I started looking into that and discovered a whole world of fantastic glass dishes. The most famous is milk glass, and then after Martha Stewart a lot of people have heard of Jadeite, that green glass that is so highly coveted. Lusterware is definitely collectible, but it isn’t quite as in demand yet. Hopefully I can collect a full set some day. Although I was super jealous when I saw that Eddie Ross has not only a full dish set, but a punch bowl and cups!

Plate Wall Top of Stairs

I arranged the plates in kind of a wedge shape so that it would look interesting, but also because it looked the best on that particular wall. The ceiling at the base of the stairs is over 20 feet high, so if I didn’t make the design wider down there it just looked minuscule.

Plate Wall Closeup
This is another kind of glass I learned about called Carnival glass. It’s crazy expensive, but I lucked into this little gem on ebay. It’s got that beautiful iridescent rainbow shine I’m so obsessed with.

Regular plate hangers wouldn’t work on some of the smaller or oddly shaped pieces, but Martha came through for me with her plate hanger tutorial. It worked like a dream.

Plate Wall Closeup
These two are the only modern plates I hung. These were at Anthropologie on clearance for dirt cheap and I couldn’t resist. The colors were perfect, they actually had our initials, and I liked the idea of adding a weird little monogram to the collection.

Over the years I’ve really struggled to identify my personal style. I love high glam, austere, modern design, and I really love the homemade traditional look. It’s my constant challenge to find ways to marry those two passions. I think the traditional decor of decorating with plates still fits with my modern decor thanks to the nontraditional arrangement and the high gloss of the glass. Even though these plates are (mostly) all vintage, the glass and finish just makes them look so modern.