Atti’s Mobile and Door sign

Floating Ball Mobile

Floating Ball Mobile

I’ve been meaning to share this forever, but you know, life and all.

I made a couple additions to Atti’s room in between the time he came home and the time we transitioned him into his own crib.

For starters, I made this cute little door sign. The same friend who cut all the vinyl lettering for his walls made this little vinyl cut out for me as a gift tag. So I just grabbed a little chalkboard from Michaels, painted the outside in a color from his room, slapped the vinyl on and drew the little lightening bolts with a paint pen.

Then I had to make him a mobile. I couldn’t put my little guy to sleep in his own big boy crib without something to look at.
homemade baby mobile

This one came after several failed attempts with wool roving. I finally just got too impatient for wet felting and used the leftover bedding fabric to sew up some balls of different sizes with one of the 800 patterns available on line. I found a pattern I liked (can’t remember where I got it now), brought it into a Word document, and then copy/pasted until I had three different patterns I could enlarge and shrink to the size I wanted.

homemade baby mobile again
I strung them together with long lengths of fishing line, tying a knot at the bottom of each ball for it to sit on.

The top of the mobile is made from two wooden square-ish pieces I found in a random little craft shop nearby. I was looking for something I could use besides an embroidery hoop because anal little me just had trouble living with something that wasn’t perfect, and the little screw at the top would have driven me nuts. I found these in an aisle with a bunch of basketweaving stuff.
baby's eye view

The only part of this project that was at all tricky was tying the mobile pieces together while keeping it balanced. I started by tying a long piece of fishing line to each corner of the bottom piece, and then letting the bottom bit rest on a table while I tied the top piece on as close to level as I could. It took a couple of tries, but I got there. Then I took all the fishing lines together, and letting the top piece rest on the table this time, I tied them altogether to create a loop, centering the bundle inside the square so it would hang right. Don’t be discouraged if it takes a few tries. Fishing line is cheap.