One less thing to do…

Last night Bear made dinner, so I found myself with an unexpected hour on my hands. I decided I’d finally do the task I was dreading the most, and give the stinky cat a bath.

I keep saying that Lobo helped prepare me for becoming a mom to a boy in many ways. I think he’s currently preparing me for the teenage years because this cat is greasy and stinky and refuses to clean up after himself. He is apparently content to be all nasty and matted instead of fluffy and pretty like my girl cats. I’m sure it doesn’t help much that Atti attacks him with drool at least once a day, but even without that he is one gross cat.
Lobo takes a bath

He was not very cooperative, but he wasn’t super uncooperative either. I managed to make it through the whole ordeal with only one scratch, and once he was good and soaked he stopped fighting and just cried his little eyes out.

Lobo the drowned rat

The main problem was his disgusting greasy tail. I washed him with baby soap, I washed him with dish soap, and when that still didn’t do the job I finally gave up and then asked google for advice. Turns out that this is a common condition with in tact male cats called “Stud Tail.” The only solution would be to either bath him weekly with degreaser and powder him afterwards, get him neutered, or live with it. So I have to deal with my teenage kids greasy hair. I’m sure it won’t be the last time.

Cheetara looks on in horror
The other kitties watched intently, terrified that they were next.

Snuggled up
The poor guy was freezing after the bath, and he certainly wasn’t going to go for a blow dryer, so we wrapped him up in a towel and cuddled him to keep him warm.

Puss in Boots
Have you ever seen a more pathetic face?

After this whole ordeal, I’m going to be a lot stricter about letting him roll around in the dirt outside. I really don’t want to make this a regular thing. The cuddling part wasn’t so bad though.