The remnants of where this tree started.

As I’ve mentioned once or twice, I really only kept a few of the original ornaments for this tree. I have a big bag in my garage full of all kinds of messy purple stars and frayed hot pink temari knockoff balls I made after a particularly inspiring episode of Carol Duvall. I don’t really know what I’m going to do with those. It seems sad to just throw them out, but would someone at Goodwill really put them out on a shelf?

Anyway, today is Bear’s big fat fancy work party where I have to get dressed up and go on a boat with all his bosses while Atti goes off to play with Grandma and Aunt Mari, and before that I have to take my written final exam for Culinary school, so I’m going easy on myself and I’ll just show you these last two leftover ornaments that were deemed worthy of making the cut.

Beaded Ball Ornament
This ornament looks sporty to me, while still being all glam and blingy. I just took a styrofoam ball, poked a hole all the way through wide enough to thread a ribbon loop through, and then glued on row after row of bugle beads. To make this easier on myself, I threaded each and every one of those tiny beads onto a length of thread. Of course, I shudder to think about the time I spend doing this now that I know you can buy beads already threaded on a hank.

Ribbon Sunburst Ornament
I love the big burst of color that these ornaments provide. Plus they’re super lightweight, so they’re great for a real tree where the branches are so flexible they droop with the big heavy ornaments.

All they are is a thin wire-edged ribbon, maybe 1/2″ or 3/4″ cut to 6″ lengths. Stack 12 of them up together and wire them together in the middle.
Ribbon Sunburst Ornament

I cut the edges all fancy, and then I lined it with a little fabric paint. Both to add a little bling and to prevent things from fraying.

I hope you like all these simple little ornaments. I’m thrilled and kind of taken back by all the attention this little blog of mine is getting lately, and I hope you all stick around. It’s been tremendous fun to hear from all of you. It’s been so rewarding to put all this work into what I’m sharing and have you respond.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my favorite ornament creation of the year. Hopefully I can make it through this party in one piece and get back to work quickly.