Gift Tags for 2008

As I’ll begin showing you tomorrow, I’ve completely revamped our usual Family Traditions tree, and since I was all kinds of excited about it, I had to keep the love going and make the gift tags for this year match the changes.

It also helped that I ended up buying a ton of ribbon for an ornament I planned on making that turned out ugly, so I had to come up with some way to use it.

Rosette Gift Tag

Just like my snowflake gift tags, I made the center in Word with a couple of text boxes. But if you don’t relish the thought of messing about with a computer program, then you can just use this little picture I made for you:
Christmas gift tags

Cut a length of ribbon about 24″ long. There is no reason for this to be precise, just know that the longer the ribbon you start with, the wider your finished rosette will be.

Stitch a running stitch along one side of the ribbon, down its entire length. You can do this by hand, or do what I did and run it through the sewing machine set to a really long stitch length.
Rosette Gift Tag

Gather your ribbon by pulling the the end of the thread. If you’ve used your sewing machine, only pull the top thread. Pull as much as you can until the ribbon is super tight.
Rosette Gift Tag

Tie the two thread ends together to bring your ribbon around and form a wreath.
Rosette Gift Tag

With a little tacky glue or even hot glue if you happen to have it hot and on hand, stick your paper circle down to the ribbon rosette.

You can tape your gift tag down as is or tie a ribbon through the wreath to tie it around a basket handle or the neck of a bottle. If you use your sewing machine to make the running stitch, you can whip these babies out in not much longer than it would take to just cut out a plain old label.